Guest Review

Imperial Spa

At the place of former horse stables have been,after the reconstruction of the Grand Hotel Praha, built the Imperial Spa. At the entrance to the spa you will have an impressive view on a wall sculpture of the Imperial Hall in Prachov Rocks. The spa is connected with the hotel by passing  through a closed corridor.

On the ground floor there is a counterflow pool tiled with Art Nouveau mosaic. Size of the pool is 20 m2 and the sea salt water technology is beneficial not only for your mind but also for your body. On the ground floor of the spa you can aslo find shower and a toilet.

On the first floor where hay for horses used to be stored, there is now available a sauna for 4 people and whirlpool with massage jets. Curiosity of this room is an original earthenware bath which serves to cool down after the sauna and which was  already 100 years ago available to the hotel guests. After many years of waiting in one of the cellers in Jičín, at 2008 it was rediscovered and returned to the hotel to serve the guests of Imperial Spa. After intensive renovation a sign on the bath was resolved, it says: Patent Atlantic – Vysoké Mýto – 21st piece.

Up the miller-stairs you can get to the relaxation room with loungers and a refrigerator with soft drinks.

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