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Emperor´s Beerhouse

This typical traditional Czech pub is designed in the style of the Austro-Hungarian Empire pubs. The Emperor´s Pub is located in the basement of the Grand Hotel Praha and is accessible from the hotel atrium through a separate entrance.

In the beerhouse you can find the imperial taproom and  two non-smoking lounges. The Hunting lounge is decorated with hunting trophies and The architect Holeček´s lounge is filled with original manuscripts about history of the Grand Hotel Praha in Jičín. The Emperor´s Beerhouse is furnished with original, hundred years old furniture, historical ceiling lamps and even paintings of Franz Josef I. and his generals are not missing on the walls. The beerhouse boasts a perfectly processed interior in the style of old Prague Art Nouveau and premium lager Pilsner Urquell, which we honestly draw on tap in the pint with porcelain coasters. Pilsner Urquell is a leading European brewing company and a symbol of history of the Czech beer. It have been brewed in Pilsen since 1842.

Our gastronomy is based on the foundations of Czech cuisine,  we serve small meals and beer snacks. We offer the best smoked meats of brand Lomničan coming from nearby town Lomnice nad Popelkou. Smoked meats Lomničan annually win the competition of best Regional foods and also won several awards and certificates, for example the Lomničan light brawn, which we offer in the pub, was selected by the Minister of Agriculture as the best regional food  of the Liberec Region in 2010.

  • Capacity of the whole beerhouse: 90 seats
  • Smoking room: 50 seats
  • Non – smoking Hunting Lounge : 28 seats
  • Non – smoking Architect Holeček´s Lounge : 12 seats

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